These rioters are getting me down. For absolutely no reason (I’m of the belief that these crowds care nothing about Mark Duggan, and more about getting their hands on free stuff), people are tearing down the city, looting shops, and generally causing mayhem.

The media is going nuts over this, the cops are all over the streets (was just out in Tottenham Court Road area), and there’s a look of distrust in everyone’s eyes. A cop stopped me to warn me about carrying my phone around, saying kids were out mugging people in the area. Kids. Sickening.

There’s enough ranting going on from the rest of the world about why this is a disgrace, and I’m of the same mind. Terrible. We’re supposed to be a civilized country, people.

I’m staying in tonight, and watching things that make me happy instead. Like people being awesome:

Yeah, people can be awesome. Let’s not forget that tonight.