BT Tower in dusk on June 21stWith sunrise coming up at 4:43 this morning and setting at 9:21 in the evening, today marks the longest day of the year. Living at such a high latitude in London (yes, London is further north than both Toronto and Montreal, my previous bases), this day is essentially one of the longest of my life.

With a critical bug swooping in by 10:30 this morning, it certainly felt like the longest day.

As of tomorrow, with already 2 seconds shaved off the time, we’ll be slowly creeping into a darker set of days. However, having lived here for 2 years now, I know the best and brightest bits of summer are still on their way, and I’m seriously looking forward to spending some time in whatever UK sun I can sop up.

You’ll find me in the park, book (or digital equivalent) in hand, any sunny weekend from here to September. Both of them, if I can crack it 😉