This Geekologie post recently exposed me to one of the most gorgeous odes to a video game I’ve ever seen:

Epic Zelda Painting

Seeing this and slowly scrolling past each detailed character makes me so, so nostalgic… my heart is tugging to be 13 again, spending hour after hour exploring the depths of Ocarina of Time. Epic, indeed.

The guy who made this also put together a fantastic video showing the process of creating this, sped up considerably. Not to copy Geekologie’s style, but I’ll post it here as well. Well worth the 15 minutes if you’re into having your mind blown.

For me, it’s not just the final piece that astounds me; it’s the skill and the process of actually putting it all together. I love how the video captured this.

Sketch on Dot Grid JournalIt’s also the same reason why I love my job. Every day, I play a hand in creating and watching the formation of new features and interfaces for BraveNewTalent.

There’s nothing more satisfying than capturing an idea in a napkin drawing or in my dot grid journal, then into wireframes and mockups, before transforming into a final, usable product. Where I sit as Head of Product, I get to play a hand in each of these steps, and enjoy getting stuck in elbow deep, playing with half-finished prototypes on our development sandbox, adding my thoughts and, here and there, my own personal flair.

Building, creating. That’s where it’s at.