Listening to: Hide and Seek – Imogen Heap

In the wake of a breakup some time ago, this unbelievably beautiful song moved me.  It resonated with my pain, and the raw lyrics reflected my own raw emotions.

Take this excerpt, for example:

Mm, what’d you say?
That you only meant well,
…well of course you did.

Mm, what’d you say?
That it’s all for the best, because it is?

Mm, what’d you say?
That it’s just what we need, you decided this…

What’d you say? Mm, what did you say?

The accusations, the confusion, the emptiness and echoes…

I had to stop listening to this tune for a bit – it reminded me too much of what I realised more and more was no longer there, no longer an option, even a shred of a possibility.

And then, one day, this track came on again.  

….. And I listened closely.  

…………. And it didn’t hurt anymore.