You can't stop me
I’ve just pulled an all-nighter.  I haven’t done this since college, not all the way through, I don’t think.

I’ve got a full day ahead of me, too, but I’m confident I can make it to the end of the day without a full crash.  I wouldn’t do this if I thought it were a detriment to the rest of the day.  That would just be silly.

Why though? To squeeze the most out of my time, really.  I had a rare evening off and, when the choice to go to bed at a reasonable hour came up, I snubbed it in favour of handling the rest of what I had on my plate. With everything that’s been going on, between getting everything at BraveNewTalent in order, organising the next ProductCamp, socialising myself, and life in general, I’ve barely had time to feed myself, let alone manage my overflowing inbox.
A few things I’ve handled:

  • I’m hiring over at BraveNewTalent! More will come on this, but I’ve spent some time dealing with job specs and lining up a row of emails to be sent off at a more reasonable hour.
  • I landed another sponsorship for ProductCamp at about 3 am. The sponsor was out in NY, so wasn’t as crazy as me for handling such business at such an hour. Things like this will just about make the upcoming PCamp possible!
  • I'm all over like a fat kid on a SmartieI made some ‘interesting’ wireframes around the upcoming Employer Administration Panel we’re building at BraveNewTalent.  I’ll have a look in the daylight to see if what I created in my most ‘creative’ hours makes sense and can be used.  In the moment, though, I was, well… in the moment!  Here’s a quick snap of what’s (possibly) to come:
  • Emails!  I’m down to a handful of items that will require a little more thought in each of my inboxes.  Not #inboxzero, as I might have over-confidently hoped, but enough.
  • Random article reading: I often get emails stuffed full of ideas and good intentions, but which invariably requires me to look through a couple of the referring articles.  I caught up on a couple of these over a 4:30am tea break.

I’m taking this last break now to prop myself up with some music, and I thought this quote (from a song I haven’t pulled into the queue since my teens!) to be particularly appropriate.  However much those lyrics resonate with me right now, it’s these beats that are keeping me going right now:

It’s of note that I’ve done this without coffee in my system.  Bonus!  I’m now jetting off to the gym to give my body a bit of a kick (just a swim to keep me going, I think), and then straight to work.

Good day, all!

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