Do more

Jan 4th, 2012 Personal Janna Bastow 1 min read

This video is stunning. It makes me want to get on the next plane, see more of the world, and while I’m at it, record and make something beautiful. I’ll think of this as a resolution of sorts. Time is Nothing // Around The World Time Lapse from Kien Lam on Vimeo. Source: PetaPixel – A Year-Long Journey Around the World Captured in Time-Lapse Photographer…

My bags are packed

Aug 8th, 2011 Personal Janna Bastow 1 min read

These shorts by Rick Mereki have twinged a need in me to go on some travel adventure. Or to take up some new hobby. The last one just made me hungry.

Madrid and I

Jan 24th, 2011 Personal Janna Bastow 4 min read

I discovered last year that I love travelling alone.  Not to be anti-social, but I find it gives me the chance to really gather my thoughts, and (with the inherent lack of mobile data while abroad) force myself to be “off the grid”.  Previously, travel, to me, was a thing you did with family, some friends, or a partner.  I had to rip myself from…

To the New Year!

Jan 3rd, 2011 Personal Janna Bastow 4 min read

2010 was, unequivocally, the most interesting, exciting year of my life.  It was my first full year living in London, and I was just getting the swing of it at the beginning of the year, having spent the latter half of the year before getting my bearings on these haphazard London streets and accepting the loss of my oh-so-loved modern conveniences only found in North American…

Oh, Canada

Dec 15th, 2010 Personal Janna Bastow 7 min read

I am psyched, seriously excited, to be heading back to Canada over the holidays.  The plan is to do a fly-by visit to both Toronto (2-3 days) and Montreal (3-4 days), followed by a very short stint in NYC (for just under 42 hours, by my calculation) just in time to ring in the new year. While I would have loved to have spent more…