Your product vision is the cornerstone of your product strategy. It informs your roadmap, which informs your day to day decisions as a product team. But for something so very critical to the make or break of your products, it’s very easy for a vision to become lofty, intangible and ultimately ineffective.

That’s why we put together this handy exercise to help you give real structure to your product vision. Create something that will carry you through great product decisions every day.

What makes a good product vision

A good product vision captures who the customer is, who’s going to use the product and what the value proposition is. It absolutely must be linked to the wider company vision of your senior team.

How to write a good product vision

First and foremost, make sure that your key stakeholders are in the room before you set down a product vision.

Secondly, work through the following structure together. It really is as simple as filling in the blanks.

Think Big: The Product Vision Exercise for Product Managers

How to test a product vision

Beyond making sure that every senior stakeholder feels that the product vision represents their vision for success – you need to be sure that you’ve come up with something that effectively communicates this vision with everyone outside of the boardroom too. This is where the elevator test comes in. If you can’t pitch what you have in 30 seconds, you need to go back to see what you can refine for a more focused product vision.

This exercise was taken from the ProdPad Handy Guide for Product People. Sign up for a free trial and request your own copy for plenty more tips and tricks for great product management.

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