This is the first of a two-part series that looks into the rules we broke and the risks we took to build out our new user onboarding flow at ProdPad. 

We’ve been experimenting with our new user onboarding since we launched ProdPad, but our latest iteration is getting us quite a bit of attention.

  • It’s unexpected. We’ve shortened our trial period from the standard 30 days to just 7 – and no one’s complaining.
  • It’s fun. We’ve gamified the trial, rewarding our new users with more free time in ProdPad the more they use it.
  • Most importantly, it’s working. It’s helping us meaningfully engage with our newest users, and speeding up our trial-to-conversion rate.

Here’s how following our nose (and our customer data) helped us design a user onboarding process that has been winning us paying customers faster than ever. Continue reading